But God - A Short Poem


I tried to rise as high as God
Let angels see my worth
But God declared my motive flawed
And cast us down to earth

Our job’s to lie and hide the truth
From all who might believe
But God knows I will sway their youth
With tricks I used on Eve

The atheist deceived by me
Puts faith in mental wealth
But God reveals an irony
I lived with God Himself

If I could hold the Christian down
My demons surely would
But God keeps turning bad around
And works it for their good

I play to what the ego breeds
Man seldom is content
But God, He often intercedes
His mercy won’t relent

What faith they have, my fear impedes
I tell them God’s not there
But God has vowed to meet their needs
When hearing faithful prayer

So as my time is running out
My evil’s more extreme
But God is coming with a shout
For those I couldn’t glean

© Earl Pearl 2020

Thank you for this words of affirmation. The good will overcome the evil, the light will overpower the darkness. God looks over us 24/7. He will not let us be tempted beyond what we can handle. He will meet us where we are and will never abandon us in spite of our shortcomings. It doesn’t matter if ever we lose our path, he has million ways to lead us back to Him.

Hello dear @faithpixel
Lovely poem, I really like Earl Pearl content, he always has good poems and I love how he express his faith…
I really liked this part:

I felt it a lot, because I had been praying to God to make it possible for me to get cooking gas as some days I had to go to sleep with hunger, and today my family finally managed to get it. God heard me and blessed me with my request.
I hope this inspires you all to keep praying.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Hi there! Thank you for this poem. It really emphasizes how God is THE almighty. No evil can step on His way. This explains to us how we can fight our demons with God’s grace. If you feel down and unmotivated, talk to Him and seek Him because He will answer you.

I love this! God is far more powerful than our struggles and evil. I want to add in my “But God” experience:
I wanted to end my life coz I see no worth in it
But God opened my eyes, loved me and taught me not to quit! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But God is with us along the way

Whatever situation we face, please let us remember that God will always hear our prayers and struggles. He will always have our back, even if we never ask for his help. Even if how many times the Evil tried to make us lose our minds many ways. God will not allow any weapon that is formed against us to prosper. Fear not, because He will going to turn things around and bless us in presence of our enemies. Just hold on to our faith.

I like this poem since it shows no one can defeat God. God always reveals the truths and that he is good. God brings you to him not in easy way but surely you can reach your right own destination.