Can a Christian practice Yoga?

Can a born again Christian practice Yoga? What are pitfalls? What about other world meditation?

I don’t think so because yoga is a meditation system which practices by non believers either emptying their mind or thinking one thing…both are not good because there is saying that “an empty mind is Satan’s workshop” …we Christians who believe in true God practice the biblical meditation because God means first come into our mind is His word (Jn 1:1 Word was God) Christians should meditate God’s Word

Yoga is one of Satan’s tool to destroy peoples life pretending to be good

Meditation means Biblical meditation apart from that all are fake the way to destruction

Surely not

I think no

i think if they just practice is ok. if they medidate, they may enter some different things. it is not good for them.

No, a born again Christian should not be practicing a heathen eastern religion practice such as Yoga. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, look here:

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