Can I get Testimony on the goodness of God in your life?

Can I get Testimony on the goodness of God in your life?

Brittany Nguyen I was trapped in an abusive marriage. Isolated. Scared. I was finally allowed to go to church and after a couple of weeks the pastor came up to me and took me in the office with him and his wife and said we think we know what’s going on and if you want we’d like to help you. So I sobbed and told them everything and they helped me get away, gave me a place to go till I could get back on my feet. Gave me a job. Help me attend a christian college.
I know it was only god cause he put that pastor and his family in my path, he miraculously provided for me on so many occasions. He gave me hope and a future. Gave me a good christ following husband and 2 amazing beautiful children. And hes taken care of us. Provided my husband with a job literally in a day after he was laid off. A job in a christian company. Better pay and now ges a foreman.
God is amazing. And so so good.

Colyn Staley Yes God has set me Free from so much of this world from all the evil that involved with setting me Free from such adictions and set me free literally he’s just so good and he sounds so much more than that but that’s just a taste of it

Jojo Minoza Im a drug addict before but now im glad to tell you all that i am now a minister of Gods word by His Grace…to God be the glory

Susan Stewart He saved me from having my foot amputated in 1990. A boulder rolled off a bank and landed on my foot. I remember Dr Staver telling me, he would probably have to amputate it. All I could see at that time was Jesus on the cross. I told my doctor that, and at least you deadened my pain, all they did for Jesus was offer vinegar and insults. You do what you do and God will do the rest.bI still have my foot. But also while my foot was casted with pins, I saw 709club with Pat, and he called out a word of God, that someone crushed something so bad and God wanted to heal you. I placed my hand on his a and claimed it in Jesus Name. My doctor couldn’t believe how fast and well it healed. I told him what happened. He said I believe you or you wouldn’t have a foot or walk normal. Praise God !

Josh Stadheim I smoked weed everyday, drank most days, chewed tobacco, was on high blood pressure pills, anti anxiety, anti depressants, and let lust interfere with my life… I quit everything. He broke every chain. Don’t even have high blood pressure anymore. Quit everything…

Lisa Farris I was an addict for 23 years drug of chose was painkillers and Xanax 3 years clean by the grace of God I was a awlful and selfish person thought of myself only on Easter Sunday 2017 I gave it to God I told God I will take the first step if you take the test with me he has done just that I give him all the praise and Glory if it wasn’t for the grace of God getting me through no telling where I would be today I am so proud of the person I am today I thank God for everything

Cassius Kleinsmith I was in a gang an one of the leaders an i always wanted to prove a point to people that im not scared an the rival gangs was waiting for me so many times to shoot me but GOD did always send an angel to sow me that i must change my direction bcz people is waiting for me somewhere to shoot me no im free an my weapon is my bible praise GOD

God has blessed me more than I deserve.I’ve been struggling with my life before because I am the one supplying the needs of my nephew before. I was just thankful that those rough days, he supplied me strength and support me financially so I could help my nephew in going to college. It was not easy, as I am struggling living in the city too; but thankful that today he has his own work and living a good life.

Hello, dear @Christian_Topics
My experience is not that big or awesome, but I still would like to share it.
During my teenage years, I struggled a lot with my identity, I had depression, I wasn’t bullied, but my self esteem was always on the floor. I know some people say it’s normal and part of being a teenager, but even once I thought about suicide.
During those days, my aunt started to go to Verbum Dei, a missionaries catholic group, she insisted to me to go, and when I did, my whole life changed, I instantly felt peace and happiness and I truly started to feel the warm and love of the Lord. With it, everything got better little by little.
To summerize, my self esteem and happiness truly started after I accepted God, and started to follow his teachings.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

So timely to ask, recently as I listened to the song Run to the Father, I remember how GOD patiently pursued me and not gave up on me.

Before I am having a christian life with a compromise life. I am in a cycle of short satisfaction, guilt and pain. It’s like repent of sin and repeat the sin in a daily basis.

A life that seems okay or great externally but inside of me I am not okay, having rottened life. Heavy burdens that I am carrying alone.

I know that I love God but I want my ways and not His ways.

But one day, when I cannot carry the burden anymore, I genuinely surrender to GOD.

Life that is saved by his grace. I fall into HIS grace. His grace changes everything with His radical love.

To sum up, sharing the link below to you with the lyrics and music of Run to the Father.


I grew up hating and not trusting people for constantly hurting me. I have problems in school and at home. Honestly, I have no escape. I have little to no faith in God at that time. It went to the point that I constantly hurt myself physically whenever I disappoint myself or whenever I just feel very bad. So, one day, I decided to end this bad behavior of mine and try to open up to someone. So I seek advice from our local priest. There he understood me and told me to slowly open up to the Lord. It was hard at first, but, here I am now. Very much happy and my bond with the Lord God got stronger as each day passes. I rarely cry and suffer emotionally and mentally. I learned to value myself more. God is good! :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: