Can we refuse God's Chosen for us?

if God chosen someone, can he reject God’s chosen?

i think God is Omniscient(All knowing), God know past present and future because he is eternal God, so God knows before hand who will choose him so he choose choose them.

God calls everyone some accept the calling of God that we call faith, but some refuse to believe because God gave them the ability to choose

Yes, human have the God given ability to choose…

IF your question is: Can we refuse God’s choice for us?
The answer is a resounding yes…with GRAVE CONSEQUENCES.

A couple of stories from the Bible that describe this:

1 Kings 1-11 (those are chapters) Solomon was chosen by God to be the next King of Israel, and God even appeared to him twice. But when he began to go astray, God became angry with him. There were grave consequences.

Second story:

King David. Starting in 1 Samuel 17, where David as a youth slay Goliath with a sling and a rock, it becomes obvious that God is with David and David is with God. David eventually becomes King and does well … until his murder of Uriah and his taking of Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba. While God DOES forgive David and does not strike him dead on the spot for it, David pays in agonizing horrors within his own family that God says He will send on David as a consequence for his sin.

> And so it happens. One son, Amnon, rapes his sister Tamar, another son, Absolam, kills Amnon, David is chased off his throne initially by that son, named Absolam, Absolam is then slain by someone in David’s army.

See 2 Samuel 11 to see the story starting with David’s great sin on through what I have written above.

P.S. You can choose the language you wish, and the translation you wish for the same passages on that site above.

These are only two of a myriad of stories.

If you feel it is too much to read, try the book of Jonah, which is very short, with only 4 chapters.

It starts out with Jonah’s disobedience to God. Then it tells of a struggle Jonah has even though he recants and does God’s will, Jonah is angry with God. But then God sets him straight.

See Jonah 1-4 (those are chapters)

So CAN WE refuse God’s choice for us? Of course. But the price is great, and don’t let anyone make you believe it is not. Even if all it is is a simple “do you believe on Christ or not” and you choose not, your end will be in hell, which is also spelled out in the Bible in many places.

Free Bible online in many languages:

yes, because God does not break our free will, we can choose by ourselves too.
we have our free will.

I think we can refuse, because God give us true freedom. In Book LUKE 15, there is the prodigal son, he left his father. God must try to teach us the right way, he want to bless us. But if we don’t listen and just think the chosen of God is not good, just want to follow the way we think is right, then God will let us go.

Yes, he has the freedom to reject; but if it is me, the chosen is irresistible because His love is so great, strong and deep.