Can you please pray for my son’s salvation?

Can you please pray for my son’s salvation? He thinks Jesus is female. He goes on YouTube and believes everything he sees. Please pray that he opens the bible and reads the truth. He was raised in an Christian home. I don’t understand his confusion. Can you also pray for my husband’s salvation? He claims to believe but doesn’t obey Jesus or confess love for him. Thank you in advance.

Debbie Lancaster

Prayers Debbie

Valerie Alonzo

Will pray. Do spend more time to explain the true gospel to him. Or point to him true teachers of the Word.

Abet Lim Heya

Jesus has already done EVERYTHING he can ever do for our salvation; it is finished. I don’t pray for that. I pray that the Holy Spirit will give him the GIFT of faith. Because faith is a gift, and only God can give the gift of faith.

Barbara Zebleckis