Can you share the biggest testimony after knowing God?

Can you share the biggest testimony after knowing God?

I was originally anxious and liked money. But since I believe in God, life has changed. Instead of worry and anxiety, joy and gratitude are in life. And because I know that God always loves and guides me, I can be bold in what I do without fear.

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Do you always share the grace god gave to you?

I was addicted to human’s love before knowing God. My heart was eager for love, but actually there is no true love if there is no God.
After knowing God, I shifted my eyes from human’s love to the love of God. I really get satisfied in the love of God that I never had before!

The most amazing and lifelong memorial grace is the first time I experienced the Holy Spirit. At that time, I just attended Bible study. I learned some knowledge about God and sin and salvation. I was persuaded by the knowledge but I still couldn’t feel God’s existence and I also couldn’t imagine God. One day I went to my church early, I had nothing to do, so I just tried to pray though I still didn’t know how to pray. I just said in my heart that Jesus, I’m so sorry for my sin, it is I that lead to your death. I’m so sorry. Suddenly, just at that moment, the Holy Spirit come to me. I feel just like the shock of electricity and cry out. I was shocked. I can’t explain what happened. But I feel so peaceful and was full of love and joy in my heart. It seems that God is beside me and we can communicate with each other in spirit. Immediately I realized that God is here, God is beside me, God is real living and he can communicate with me in spirit and his love is so amazing, so touching. It is real turning point in my life. From that day, I became a Christian.

I think myself change, I can have hope and can have a good life