Catholic church in Science

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Catholic church in Science

Hello, dear friends,
I wanted to share this with you, even if is in Spanish (my native language), there are two thing one: a Twitter thread and a YouTube series of videos.
Each done by the following persons: Andres Jacobo (@IncaJacobo) and Dr. Thomas Wood.
It’s pretty interesting and truth showing, sometimes you encounter people who say the church was an obstacle to science or that they are opposite of a coin. Well is the contrary, you can show it the evidence with this haha.
Some of the more interesting for me were the following: George Lemaitre the father of the Big Bang theory, Gregor Mendel the first person to study genetics (we all learned about Mendel genetic laws in school), Alberto Magno who discovered Arsenic, Atanasius Kircher who studied chemistry and deny alchemy, Cristobal Clavio who made the Gregorian Calender which is the one we used today and much more.
All of this men were priest, so their devotion to the Catholic Church can’t be denied.
It’s pretty interesting.
What do you think?
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

I forgot to give you the links, here they are:
1.- Andres Jacobo Twitter thread:

2.- Dr. Thomas Wood YouTube video:

Kind regards, Luis Guerrero