Child Theology

The Bible doesn’t only talk about children, it also places the little ones in the midst of it all. When the disciples were debating among themselves who is the greatest, Jesus rebuked them, called a child to come in their midst, and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 19:14). It’s perplexing to think that churches today can easily push children to the side when Jesus Himself placed them in the middle. Humility is the key to pleasing God, and having a child-like faith is the best way to please our heavenly Father.

I am a child advocate, as Jesus is, and so I strive to be like a child and to serve the children.

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I agree fully that this is what God wants us to become, like little children with pure and uninfluenced innocence. Living every pride behind and fully submit ourselves to the Lordship of God, Believing in ourselves that in Him our lives will be renewed, full and total repentance happens to those who considers themselves little children before God. Awestruck we fall in the presence of God every time we face and have an encounter with Him, like a child being able to see something wonderful for the first time.

Many cultures of today look on children as especially sweet and it is very wonderful to think of Jesus interacting with a child because children are needy, dependent, and innocent. So why did Jesus’ commanded to “let the little children come to me”? It is because, children need to be blessed by the Lord; he wants to bless them too. And those who come to Christ must do so in childlike humility, faith, and simplicity.

I agree with you we need to have faith like a child because God wants us to trust Him more and do not trust on our own self we can’t do nothing God is our only way. Thank you for reminding this word to me this really helps me a lot.

@eestioko Childrens are the hope of our nations. God loves the children, and to him childrens are the little angels of their parents. As a new generation our Theology for children is to guide them in becoming like Christ. As the children grow we need to prepare for our children’s behavior. We should share them a Bible stories while they’re growing so that they will know Jesus and bring Jesus into their mind and heart until they become adult. Having a religious activities with the children is a great responsibility and same way the most valuable parenthood in the future. :blush:

This is wonderful! Childlike faith in the Lord, to be fully committed, and to trust the Lord God with all our hearts. We must attach ourselves closer to God. God bless us all.

Hello, dear @eestioko
Let me tell you I really like your posts!!
This verse is so great:

I really love your interpretation, I honestly believe that child theology has been on the low in the last years, be it because of the era of information adn that change of culture of maybe because of the too much liberty given to people. What it’s truth is that children’s can’t be that close of church, being religious, the life of faith is something that must be within children’s while growing up. The bliss of praying must be learn since being a child, if not then the children could grown thinking that God is unnecessary… We must find a way to get childrens back in church, and back to living a the religion in a more active way.
Obviously, when the quarantine ends. Stay safe!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Thanks, brother!