China creating ‘system of persecution for the future

China creating ‘system of persecution for the future

China is creating a “blueprint” “system of persecution for the future” that could be sold to persecute people across the globe, head of the prominent Christian persecution watchdog agency Open Doors USA has warned.

Pray for china. Only God can change! :pray::pray::pray:

Thank you for this article!

God’s true Church in China is far more purified than say, here in the U.S.A. where there is survelliance everywhere yet freedoms for religions abound. As a result, 98% of the “Christianity” that the world is fed from it’s corrupt TBN television network is nothing but another pagan form of mysticism masquerading as Christianity. Once real persecution hits the U.S., people will fall away from the “faith” (which is corrupt anyway) in the millions.

But those who do not, those are the real Church that Christ died for. Take heart!

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Pray for china, it is a big country, may it also became a great country to be used by God. :pray::pray::pray: