China Tells Christianity To Be More Chinese

China Tells Christianity To Be More Chinese
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A voice from china advises Christianity in China to be more indigenous.


“Sinicization, sinicisation, sinofication, or sinification is a process whereby non-Han Chinese societies come under the influence of Han Chinese state and society. Areas of influence include writing, diet, economics, industry, language, law, lifestyle, politics, religion, sartorial choices, technology, culture, and cultural values. More broadly, “Sinicization” may refer to policies of acculturation, assimilation, or cultural imperialism of neighbouring cultures to China, depending on historical political relations. This is reflected in the histories of Korea, Vietnam and Japan in the East Asian cultural sphere, for example, in the adoption of the Chinese writing system.”

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Sounds to me like government oppression. I imagine that there are times when this process is very helpful. But when it comes to the Word of God (scripture) it should be left intact.

Some months ago the Chinese leader was talking about “replacing” the Old Testament with the writings of Buddha, etc. Also heard that at one point, the churches were being told they must start and end their services with “patriotic” songs.

Pray for Chinese Christians!


It’s very interesting. When I was in China, I always thought Americans very smart people because I heard many things from people around. Actually we have no idea what true Americans are like.

After I live in America for several years and found most Americans are different from my old thoughts.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.

News sometimes mislead us since it only reveals small portion of the whole picture.

God called us to build His kingdom: it is not a kingdom only for one group of people.

The best way to know people is not from hearing sometimes but to humble and put yourself in their environment.


I would love to read at least, any insight you could give me on China @Taiyanghua!
I have never even visited China, let alone lived there.

You are right: it is very different to see a culture from afar than it is to live in it.

What I wrote is actually “hearsay” at this point. It’s all I know. I think the more we understand the truth, the better equipped we are to pray for Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ.