China's Demand Over HongKong's Religions freedom

China's Demand Over HongKong's Religions freedom

It is surely a undeniable fact that Christianity has contributed to this world, especially to the Modern World. There were various means through which Christianity was spreading which includes many of the British colonies including India and Hong Kong.

Hongkong was greatly developed than its sister country China due to its freedom of speech, religion etc. This is inherited from the British domestic affairs policy.

Hongkong government has caused the biggest protest in HK history by trying to amend a bill that would eventually bring communism to HK.

While this is not the face of the bill, the local politics is understandable by knowing the fact that most of the protestors of the bills are Christians.

We are living in a time where various powers trying to overpower Christianity and trying to kill it not just in America but all over the world.

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