Christ that appeared and stood at the head of my bed

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Christ that appeared and stood at the head of my bed

On June 24, 2010, I lay in ICU dying, unconscious, with a fever of 104, with heart rate of 38 and falling. I was diagnosed with West Nile Virus that has no known antidote.

With only hours left to live, a highly specialized medical team had surrendered…waiting now for only death to claim me. The long days passed painfully with never-ending nights that were darker than ever for those who waited. The only hope that remained was that the faithful God would rescue me.

Days earlier, my youngest daughter, Tricia, had laid her Bible on the window sill so others could read a scripture over me as I lay unconscious. The days passed with continual grim reports…it seemed as if all hope was gone. Barbara, being alone in the ICU room, was unaware of the Unseen Christ that appeared and stood at the head of my bed. Though unconscious in my physical body, my spiritual man awoke as I saw Him standing there in all of His glory. He spoke words that are written in Psalm 107:20 as He laid His right hand on my chest- “I will send my Word and heal you of all your diseases.” He looked toward Barbara, whom I could not see, and spoke- “Tell Barbara to lay the bible open on your chest…Tell the people to speak only the Word and pray only the Word”. With a voice that could hardly speak, I related these unforgettable words- “Christ just came into the room”…I repeated His instructions.
She quickly responded and laid the bible open on my chest. In a matter of 12 hours I was moved into a private room. My vital signs had changed dramatically, with temperature of 99, and heart rate of 70, fully conscious. To the astonishment of the medical staff, 4 days later I was released with no signs of the nightmare of an incurable disease. I leave this with you,-“Why are you cast down, oh my soul, Put your trust in God”. Speak only the Word and pray only the Word. When you do, I will believe with you that He will heal all of your sickness and diseases.


This one moved me! Honestly, I was crying while reading… Truly indeed that miracles do happen if you have a strong faith to God. God bless you Sir Alan.

Lord please be with this man. Protect and guide him carefully. His family are waiting please wake up him and give him strength. I will beg for your kindness to help him and hoping that someday he will woke up like nothing happens and totally free from his conditions. Lord God please be with him and his family. Amen


This is very powerful. Wow, God bless you, Sir Alan! :yellow_heart: God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good. :blush: :blush: