Christian group calls on churches to resume in-person services on May 3

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Christian group calls on churches to resume in-person services on May 3

A national Christian conservative legal nonprofit is calling on churches nationwide to resume in-person worship services on May 3 while following appropriate safety protocols, arguing that “now is the time to act” after weeks of in-person services being suspended due to COVID-19.

The Liberty Counsel this week announced an initiative called ReOpen Church Sunday, encouraging churches to open their doors on the Sunday before the National Day of Prayer observance on May 7.

There is nothing wrong upon the proposed date of re-opening the Church on Sundays’. If it is already safe to go out and go to Church, then we can all attend it by maintaining the social distancing scheme. But if Covid19 is still a threat, it would be better if we still stay in our house and use zoom instead as if this moment.

Hello, dear @Jimmy_Ka
This are great news, during these times people have reconnected with their faith, and I believe part of it needs to go to the church to adore the lord. If course this depends on the health conditions, if the authorities say is safe then we should all go to the church and praise the lord we can do it again. I have high hopes of it, I saw some news that on Germany the situation is controlled and even professional football would return on May. So part of the situation is nearing to the end, let’s hope a vaccine is found out and we can return to our daily lives as better persons. I’m sure God is looking after us every day.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

In my opinion there’s nothing wrong if we postponed our church service because we didn’t know if it is safe outside because of Covid19 let our members of church be in their houses lets wait to announcement of our Government. Its biblical that we must obey to our Government because God allowed them in that position and we must obey that’s the Lord wants.

Yes, I agree with @zayn22. If the coronavirus is still a threat, it would be better if we still stay at home. With respect to the government and to the frontliners sacrificing even their lives trying to battle this pandemic. I see nothing wrong with online Church services. I have read a lot of posts online that frontliners are begging everyone to obey the rules our government has made. I hope and pray this pandemic will end soon so that we will be able to go to church with no worries!

I agree with you zayn let our Government handle this situation and our job is to Pray for them even we not go to church lets unite in prayers and pray to God that this crisis stop now. we dont need to dis obeyed our Government because thay doing their job to protect us and keep us safe in this crisis. they need our prayers.