Christian preachers often say: "God is working in your life." Why does God who is supposed to be almighty need to work?

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Patrick Sutardjo

What it is it’s not that God is really working Etsy face that to know when things don’t feel right things don’t seem right things aren’t right in your life God is working in your life. God is working you gotta understand when give you a foot instance G… See more

Thomas Hogan Thomas Hogan

He never slumbers. He never sleeps. I don’t think He breaks a sweat either. His work is different than our work.

April DeAndre

Look at the clay, diamond or gold. Unless we work on it, it will remain the same dull and unattractive. Once we work on them, it becomes a beautiful ornament or a work of art. Same way God has to work in us to refine us and make us beautiful ornaments for His blessings.

Gloria Joseph