Christian songs for birthday

Today is my friend’s birthday, I want to recommend him a Christian song to listen. Is there any Christian songs suitable for the birthday?

Christian Songs for Birthday

1 “Beautiful Things” by Gungor (A song to remember how God created you beautifully. This is also a song giving encouragement and hope.)

2 “How You Live” by Point of Grace (A really really good song for Birthday. It’s full of well wishes of living in the moment and filling life with special moments.)

3 “Fingerprints of God” by Steven Curtis Chapman

These encouraging words from Steven Curtis Chapman written for his daughter when she was 11 are so uplifting and describe how God sees each one of his. We are perfect in His image and a birthday is a great opportunity to celebrate this.

4 “My Hope Is In You” by Aaron Shust

Why another song about hope? “My Hope Is In You” speaks to us because of how great your day will be when you hope for Heavenly things, like unending hope and peace. These things don’t cost money or end up broken.

5 “Hope In Front Of Me” By Danny Gokey

A birthday brings so much hope and it’s a time to celebrate the people who bring you through the rain and struggles of life. Difficult seasons can be filled with hope. Send this song to a loved one who is going through a discouraging time to remind them of their spiritual birthdays.

6 “This Little Light of Mine” by Addison Road

Each birthday you celebrate think about the light inside of you. This light has the power to uplift, impact, change and guide people. Letting this light shine brighter and brighter will bring you countless blessings that will grow each day you celebrate.