Christian vs atheist

The question of whether or not God exists is profoundly fascinating and important. Now two articulate spokesmen–one a Christian, the other an atheist–duel over God’s existence in an illuminating battle of ideas. You can share your point of view, about the difference between this two? I believe we had our own beliefs and traditions, and we respect that. Thank you.

To lighten the mood between these two kind of beliefs, I’ve had several friends from college who proclaim they were atheist, but we usually bond along without hatred or misunderstanding with each others belief for we respected each other, but the funny thing is whenever we pass our difficult exams they would always mutter ‘Thank God’. So I’m not really sure about them but we usually laugh it over.

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Hello, dear @zayn22,
This has always been an interesting, even controversial, topic.
I personally believe, with exceptions of course, that the majority of “atheist” are sort of a farce, it’s not that they believe in nothing, they just are rebellious and don’t want to be part of the group of church. Be it because of lazyness, bad experiences or maybe because they are cinics.
And I say cinics, because of two things, one is that they go against the word of Jesus, Jesus said “believe and you will be able to see”, they want to see to be able to believe. Now they could say that they are going for a científica approach, but is not any theory based on something I want to believe? It’s just preposterous to believe in that thinking. The second point is that as @iona090 said, they thank God or go to pray when a bad situation arises.
The thing is that God is too loving for his own good haha, he let us go for that rebellious phase some people have, but we have to remember that he exist, he gave us this world, he gave us life, he gave us everything, he loves us!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero


Wow, lol. For real? They should start rethinking and reanalyzing their beliefs.

Yes, I agree with you, @Luis_Ruiz. Sometimes, I do not believe that much when some people say they are atheists knowing that they act differently when very good or bad things happen.