Christians probably underestimate the magnitude of love that Jesus Christ has for us

Christians probably underestimate the magnitude of love that Jesus Christ has for us. Most Christians believe that God was lonely, so He created our spirit and body at the time of conception on earth. They basically believe that salvation consists of God’s condescension to earth to make an Atoning sacrifice for people that He had placed there so they could enter Heaven. There is something here that I really don’t understand. If God was lonely, why didn’t He create people in Heaven, and just skip the tortuous atoning sacrifice on earth? If God became confronted with rebellious people, He could just cast them out of Heaven as He did with Satan and his angels.
Perhaps what most Christians don’t understand is that the plan of salvation is really a plan of happiness. All it takes to understand the plan of happiness is a simple recognition of our pre-mortal life and the true nature of Deity for which there is Biblical evidence of both. As children of God in our pre-mortal life in Heaven, we knew and loved our Heavenly Father. We were far more than just distant creations to Him. We also knew and loved Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus, in turn, knew and loved each one of us. We were a loving family of close friends.
The glory of God is knowledge and intelligence. But as new creations, we were innocent in Heaven. So our understanding of happiness in that sacred environment was limited for us. We needed to acquire a further appreciation of happiness which was only possible through personal experience, and to learn that everything has its opposite. We could not fully appreciate the good without the presence of evil. And so our need for a trip to planet earth was planned. We would accomplish this education by leaving Heaven and coming to the comparatively harsh environment of earth that was prepared for us where our memory of Heaven is veiled. We volunteered to do this in spite of realizing that Lucifer, who was cast out of heaven for rebellion, would be here on earth seething in his misery and jealously to corrupt everyone, and prevent our return home to the perfect abode of Heaven. As the offspring of God the Father, we are His sons and daughters. Jesus is the preeminent Son of God, and that makes Him our elder brother. The ‘preeminent son’ of God chose to come to earth and offer Himself as a ransom in our behalf. He sacrificed Himself in an Atonement that would meet the demands of justice for our sins, making it possible for us to return again to the perfect abode of Heaven with greater knowledge, appreciation, and happiness that was otherwise not possible for us. We owe our devotion to Him. Upon our departure from this earth, we will have a full recollection of our pre-mortal life causing us to be filled with eternal happiness, or eternal remorse and regret for a wasted opportunity for choosing the good in life while on earth.
You are welcome to believe whatever you want. The plan of happiness is so much more believable to me.

Bob Kinser

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Will Elliott

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Larry Commerford

The intention of God is very clear on the first page of the Bible. We have to cultivate his garden and send the fruits to him. We can further discuss what type of fruits he would like and eat.

Paritosh Christian