Citizens Want “In God We Trust” Removed From The Police Cars, But The Sheriff Refuses

Citizens Want “In God We Trust” Removed From The Police Cars, But The Sheriff Refuses

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office announced that they would not be stripping their squad and patrol vehicles of the “In God We Trust” message just because it offends a minority group of atheists and agnostics. The announcement came that the Sheriff’s office would be shelling out taxpayer money to put new graphics on their vehicles over the next few years, including an American flag and the motto.


It is so sad to read reports like these, although every one of us has a freedom to do what we want to do; but this one is hitting below the belt. The atheist and agnostics should respect God’s believers too. Respect ones opinion and belief is the key point to resolve this kind of issue.

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Hello, dear @Jimmy_Ka
I’m really thinking this is getting our of hand… Why does the atheist and agnostic want to destroy the other people’s believes? It’s not their problem. Then you see them asking for respect. It’s like a bad joke. As we let them be whatever they want, then let Christians be Christians. Besides how can “In God We Trust” offend anyone? This is baffling.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

This is just sad. We try our very best to respect their beliefs, but they cannot seem to respect ours. Kudos to Sheriff Wayne Ivey for not removing the signs on their police cars. He truly defended the Lord God! This reminds me of a movie entitled God’s not dead, where the main protagonist also defended the name of the Lord in front of his professor. The world needs more people like Sheriff Wayne Ivey.

I agree with you @kianna It so sad to hear this kind of news the enemy is moving because Jesus is coming so soon. this remind us that we need to keep going and share gospel to anyone who doesn’t know Jesus we need to be ready at all times and still hold on to our Faith.

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Yes, @Paulo_Juamis. In times like this, we should be strong for the Lord God. We should not just let things like this be. After all the sacrifices the Lord has done for us, it is time for us to do our part.