Coronavirus has brought US 'to its knees', says CDC director

Shared by Franklin Graham

Yesterday the director of the CDC testified that COVID-19 had “brought this nation to its knees.” He meant it in a different way, but as we face a pandemic and the economic challenges associated with it; violence, rioting, and unrest across the country; and painful racial divisions, on our knees is where we need to be—on our knees in prayer, that is. God can help us through anything we face, but as a nation we have turned our back on Him, His laws, and His Word. It’s not too late to turn back to Him—the one who is “our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” On our knees is just where we need to be. Dr Robert Redfield tells hearing that public health capabilities underfunded as US sees more than 2.3 million cases

I also read some of LaDonna Hoy’s commentary “No matter how we pray, as a community, as a country, COVID-19 brought us to our knees. Once the surreality of its scope and impact set in, we found ourselves praying for wisdom and courage and reasons to feel hopeful.”

As the covid19 strikes, our first reaction was simply “Ahh okay, it’s just a virus”…we continue doing our day to day activities…but as days go by, we have seen a lot of infected people…some are almost dying and some dies on the streets…so we started to ask God for help, for protection, as well as to have good health…And now, we are down on bended knees asking God to end everything and let us go back in our normal life…Today, all we have to do is hope and pray that God will eventually hear us and answer all our plead.

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