Could I recognize my children in Heaven?

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Could I recognize my children in Heaven?

I’ve heard that we’ll be given new bodies in Heaven. Is that true? If so, how will we recognize each other? I want to see my children again.

I think you can. Because we won’t lose our memories in Heaven. The memories include all the meaningful and joyful things happened on the earth.

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When Jesus was transfigured, Moses and Elijah appeared with him on the mountain. That’s amazing, considering Moses died and Elijah was taken directly to heaven hundreds of years earlier. But James, Peter and John immediately recognized them.

I think Heaven does not abolish human personality; it perfects it in ways that we can hardly imagine. In that day we will know each other completely, far beyond our limited knowing in this life. In the same way that a mother recognizes her daughter’s cry in a crowded room, even so we will recognize our loved ones although we have been separated for dozens of years. Age will not matter. The passage of time will not matter. The young boy will recognize his schoolmate and it will be as if he last saw her yesterday. The mother will know her daughter and the daughter will know her mother.

Yes, of course. How else could it be heaven if we wandered throughout eternity not recognizing those we have loved in this life? We will be the same, yet strangely and wonderfully different, transformed by the grace of God.

Yes, I think you can.
As for the new body, I am not sure about that. But I think it is spiritual body. It is invisible. ‘If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body’–1 Corinthians15:44 At that time, I will we will recognize each other’s spirit with our spirit.