Counseling those who don't want to change is wasting time?

Counseling those who don't want to change is wasting time?

Recently I heard a message from Derek Prince. He said, Christianity spent much time on counseling those who don’t want to change. If they don’t want to change, let them go where they are from. The Bible says, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”. What’s your opinion?

People are totally depraved, they have no will to change themselves before God, unless they got God’s grace.

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No, I believe there are no people who don’t want to change, our souls seek God and need God’s love and grace. We should become the people who wake them up and lead them to Jesus Christ.

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Of course.
And wasting time is sin

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No. Because God always works through humans. One person doesn’t want to change, doesn’t mean he never want to change.

Why wasting time is sin, how to define it?

There is no giving up in the love of God. It’s not a waste of time. God said that He loved us, but loved us till the end. If you really want to change that person, pray to the end and do not give up until the end. When you pray, God works. And finally I will change him.

I don’t think so there is anyone who doesn’t want to change. Maybe he is in need lost or depress that he doesn’t think he could be changed or he hasn’t realized his problem.
Love never fails. I believe this.

It is not wasting time Because God works through people and through counseling, God will add the faith to hime through you.

God works through your words, He will change.

Maybe compared with counseling, we need to pray.