Count your blessings

A friend suggested that I do this, and so I decided to do it here – to count my blessings.

An understanding wife, three funny children, a daughter who thinks I am Superman, a home big enough for all 5 of us, two cars (old but running), godly friends who love the Lord and who help keep me in the straight and narrow, amazing job for a Christian organization, my guitar (although missing a string), music, arts, photography, flowers, TV, Netflix, Star Wars (:slight_smile:)… practically everything … too many to count. Thank you, Jesus!


@eestioko, Brother, thanks for these interesting topic, when i think of all my blessing i really have a lot, materials and physical blessings… Gadgets, clothes, shelter, friends and most important i’m healthy… but sometimes sad to say, i forgot to thank him with what i received due to excitement but lately while reading some articles i have noticed that i sometimes forgot to thank the lord with my SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS - sometimes some people may have not considered the most important blessing that we have received is that we have our redemption through our lord Jesus Christ , we are forgiven with all our sins and other… Now i realized . that GODs blessings are the best blessings ive received better that the earthly material things. but still whatever he gave us maybe material blessings let us enjoy those and used it in honor for the LORD. Thanks bro. and God Bless

I have this activity all the time too. Everyday I list all the things that I am grateful for in my journal.

Count your blessings: thankful for the brand new day despite the lack of sleep, one beautiful and smart daughter, a hardworking husband, a low cost rented house with free water and electricity, an abundant garden, a stable income and career, a loving mom and dad (my parents), the food we eat, the generous neighbours, my Faith Pixel community, my siblings, my inlaws that hate me, and a lot more! Thank you Lord Jesus for everything, for blessing us abundantly each day.

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Salute to you sir @eestioko for this topic…

So amid the conflict, whether great or small,
Do not be discouraged; God is over all.
Count your many blessings; angels will attend,
Help and comfort give you to your journey’s end.

This is the 4th verse of the hymn entitled “Count Your Blessing”. It tells us not to focus on life’s negativity but rather let us turn to what is more than the positive and that is God. If we feel dismayed because of the problems we are facing in life, turn to God and try to reflect on what He has done for us and what He gave us. For sure this will comfort us and at the end of it all He is waiting for us being triumphant and with arms open wide ready to hug us and say “well done my child”.

Yes, I agree. Let us enjoy and honor God at the same time

“in-laws that hate me” haha. I know the feeling. But we do still love them, right?

@eestioko: hahaha are we in the same boat Sir? Well, wether I like it or not; I have to deal with it until they will like me. I am not good in chasing but I am good in doing good things instead of hating them more… As they say, “kill them with kindness” and the rest will be in history. :joy:

Hello, dear @eestioko
This could be fun. We must be grateful to the Lord always, as all we have is because of him. By my side, well… Everything is thank to him, but on the top of my head my blessings would be: my life, my family, my twin brother, my little sister, my mother and my dad, my grandpas and my aunt, my friends, my work, my career, my little cat kira, my house, my (broken) car, my bass guitar, my computer, etc. I could go on, but one that is also a big blessing is my faith and life. I thank the Lord for giving me both. Great post!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Knowing life is filled with good things, it does makes life so much better.

Still for me, having a loving family, good career and stable job, hard earned savings, flawed yet healthy body, fun childhood memories, comfortable home, also, I am extremely grateful for friends I can count on and colleagues who supports and believes in me, from every sunset and sunrise I have witness, to every places I’ve been to. To each morning I wake up with new opportunities and fresh beginnings and to every stranger I met who stayed in my life. There is much to appreciate if you only think to look for it. :slight_smile:

My blessing in life was all the people who loves me really hard. I know there is someone who hate us and curse us since they think we are their enemies but let them be, the important is care for those who cares for you and count them as a blessings in your life.

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Thank you so much for this @eestioko Counting our blessings is such a fulfilling moment knowing that God is behind it.
I am grateful that I woke up today, I ate breakfast, I scored high during my long test, I completed an assessment for a subject, I have my family with me, friends, cute dogs, a laptop, internet, and literally everything! I am so thankful! God is great indeed.

I was honestly smiling while reading this sentence…I really do count those people who loves me, as well as those people who hate me too…I do have haters, and I do not know what is their drama of hating me but I already prayed for them many times. Sometimes I am bothered about them but I realized happy people continuously evaluate and improve themselves, while unhappy people continuously evaluate others…So maybe they are unhappy with their lives, that is why they are talking about mine :grin:

Honestly, I don’t know what was the total of blessings by God to me. For me it is countless, but I’ll consider to count how much He renewed me in my Humanity and spiritually. In time of this crisis, we have been affected by this pandemic so much our jobs, our kids, our whole family and especially ourselves but I’m thankful because God’s provide. I can eat 3 times a day, I have a shelter/home to stay, and my family is safe. What’s best in me and what’s God is doing to me so I can be a blessing to others is when God use me as a channel of his blessings. I pray to that kind of life, wherein I can also bless others. :pray::innocent:

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Amen to that @Bhert…Being alive today and free from covid19 is totally a blessing. We must continue to pray for God’s protection as always and thank him everyday for the blessings he had bestowed upon us. Let us all continue praying for others too who are infected and affected by this crisis…

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Beyond blessed for having my family with me, we are all safe and together. I am also thankful for the people around me for always having my back when things go wrong. Also grateful for my work and gigs so that I can help my family despite this pandemic. I also found out that some of the scholarships I was planning to join will not be able to cater new scholars this year, so I am beyond blessed that I passed the DOST exam. Despite all my problems, I am beyond blessed for the many blessings God has showered me.

Congratulations dear @kianna. God really knows what is best for you, me and others. We are all blessed in many ways and we have to be grateful about it each and every day. Goodluck in all your endeavours dear! :blush:

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Hello, @MakkaPakka! Thank you so so much! God listens to all my prayers, I am very thankful and blessed. This will surely help me and my family most especially int terms of money.

@kianna: yes dear! It is all answered prayer from above and I just wanted to let you know that I am as well happy for you… God will provide as always the desires of our heart… Continue aiming high dear! God bless…

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Thank you so so much, @MakkaPakka! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: God is good!