COVID-19 and the Children

COVID-19 and the Children

Medical experts aren’t exactly sure how COVID-19 works. They are inkling to think that it is not as harmful to children as it is to adult. Yet, the consequences of the pandemic and global lock-down affect the little ones more than anybody else. When children are locked up at home for a long time and depraved of their usual game time, they could suffer from anxiety and, worse, depression. This notion may be anecdotal, but it is not far from the truth. Our Lord has always regarded the children more highly than any other groups of people. Jesus sided with the weak, destitute, the widows, elderly, and the little ones. Let us be mindful of the children during this time of global crisis.

Indeed sir @eestioko I have two boys, a teenager and a toddler. During this time under quarantine I have been able to open eyes and realize on how I’ve been as a father to them. I noticed that I needed to improve a lot as a father. In terms of my method of discipline and even my relationship with them. But what hits me the most is me being a role model Christian to my kids. What I’ve realized is that I am doing poorly in terms of living a life which I am preaching to them. It’s big but I am glad through this pandemic God gave the discernment and gave me a chance to change.

But to go back to your point sir, we as parents need to think ways to keep our children busy. Create things which would interest them, go down and in some level think like them and set aside the pride of being a parent to understand them better. It would be a tussle but it is worth the effort. God bless us all and we will be victorious after all of this.

Hello, dear @eestioko
Well, I read this news recently too:
It appears the virus can affect little childrens too, and cause them kawasaki disease symptoms, which is an inflamatory syndrome.
This kind of news United with what you say is all true, it really makes me worried. An adult or even a teenager can understand the deeper meaning of all of this, but a children can’t… This is why we need to pray and make them pray with us, so they feel God at their side. Let’s be safe until the authorities say it’s the time to go out again, for us and for the childrens!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Hello all…this lockdown gives us a test as parents on how to handle our kids. It is true that they might suffer anxiety and depression it is because we are prohibited to do the usual things we do outside and I can feel the boredom of my 2 year old daughter this past months, even I too. So what did I do? I make her busy by printing some toddler worksheets, hug her often and explain to her why we can’t go out yet and go to park or to the beach, do some gardening stuffs in the morning as we cannot do it in the afternoon coz it is already cold in here as winter is fast approaching. I guess in these times of lockdown, our children needs more of our undivided attention, love and care…God bless us all and cheers to all parents!:blush:

Yeah, that’s really sad. Kids are prone to suffer from so many things

It is not true that children not affected by the threat of covid 19 children or adults can be infected with the deadly disease. all we have to do is look after our children and teach them how to avoid covid 19 and keep praying that this covid 19 threat will stop so that everyone can return to normal life.

@eestioko The new generation is affected with this Pandemic.The coronavirus pandemic and the unprecedented measures to contain its spread are disrupting nearly every aspect of children’s lives: their health, development, learning, behaviour, their families’ economic security and their protection from violence and abuse.This is especially tragic for the poorest children, who rely on school feeding programmes for their only consistent daily meal.Younger children are at great risk, as high levels of stress and isolation can affect brain development, sometimes with irreparable long-term consequences.Many children and young people are also contending with family separations, caring for sick relatives and even the death of loved ones.

Children told us that they’re worried about being isolated from family and friends and catching and even dying from the virus. Parents told us that they’re confused about how to address their children’s fears, or how to explain extreme containment measures, like social distancing. Although the COVID-19,disrupted the childrens we as siblings or parents must show and teach our children a precautions for covid-19.