Crab mentality?

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Crab mentality?

Crab mentality? I’ve met a lot of people who are afraid of what others will say about them. In our culture, some people will look down on you because you’re aggressive in every thing. From aiming a goal, making your dreams into reality and the like. Some won’t like it that you’re aiming too high.

Some won’t like you anymore because you’re trying to succeed and you are too focus with your life. Some will criticize you because you’re becoming wealthy and able to supply not just your daily needs. And Some will even create dirty gossip about how you got rich, like maybe you have a sugar dad/mom etc. I urge you: Don’t mind the crabs.

Fulfill your dreams anyway and be aggressive!

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Soo true!! Before, I paid too much attention to people like this and I failed myself in reaching my goals, plus I lost confidence in myself.

Hello, dear @MakkaPakka
You’re so right! Being aggressive doesn’t mean to be violent, means to have an objective and doing everything you can to accomplish it in the best way you can.
What happens is that there exist envy in this world, and some people can end up overwhelm by the envy of others, this create the crab mentality you say.
Every person has to be aggressive in pursuing his dreams, because that’s why we live.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Same here @kianna! I am always hesitant to do something because I am afraid of what people will gonna say. But in the long run I realized that no matter what you do (bad or good), they will still have something to say about you. So I started focusing my every step and ask guidance before pursuing it. :wink:

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Hello sir @Luis_Ruiz! There is really nothing wrong of being aggressive most especially if your goals is for the common good of everyone. As my dad says “they are just spices of your life” pertaining to the crabs (people). So not long time ago, I stopped chasing people that hinders me from being aggressive towards my goals. It is not them anyway who will judge me in the end, it is God. I’ll just continue to soar high.

Yep, everyone has something to say whatever we do, good or bad.