Create in me a Clean Heart, O God

Reflection from Nina Laird-Fusilli

In our daily travels, we, oh so often find disharmony and strife.
We yearn for the heart of Christ, to love beyond the realm of humanity. Pray we forgive those who wronged us, by shaking off the weights of discord.
The only way to love beyond barriers is to lean on the cross of Jesus. Inviting Him in to perform heart repair, is to breach the limitations set by our flesh.
I desire to set a precedent for me.
I want to raise the bar on my abilities to practice charity, forgiveness, and grace.
I have not even started.
I don’t even know how to try.
But I guess I will begin by asking God to create a clean heart within me. And through all the tomorrows I will ask again.
Dear God, I will love faithful and true, when I learn to love like You.

Hi Joel,
Pray we forgive those who wronged us, by shaking off the weights of discord-I pray for this, may they discover their right paths with guidance of God. I believe showing of our love for everyone is the key to cope up with any barriers hinder with us at the same time leaning on God will help us. It is very effective when we love faithful and true to ourself because we offset our worries and about to be grateful with everything.

Welcome back @Joel…it’s been a long time that you have posted and thank you for this…Though it is so hard to forgive people who wronged us, and it depends upon the scenario of course; but I believe in “time will heal”…I continuosly pray for a forgiving heart like God…

Hello @Joel This prayer is clearly one of repentance and confession, which God desires of us whenever we have become aware of sins that have affected our fellowship with God. When we repent, it means we not only agree with God about the heinous nature of our sin, but we are determining to start over and live a new life one that is obedient and pleasing to God.

This is something I always ask from the Lord God. A clean heart. A heart the knows how to forgive, understand, stay patient, and kind despite all the chaos. Dear God, help me to be like You in times when I feel like I am losing myself. Help me to see the beauty of things when everything seems to be in havoc. Amen.