David Lynn arrested for preaching the gospel in public and receives hatred from the crowd


It is sad to watch Pastor David Lynn being arrested for preaching the gospel in Public. I admire his spirit of wanting to go to the place where God is rejected and having the heart to save the people who are going towards destruction.

This video also shows how wicked the human heart is - fighting for exercising freedom to promote sin and denying freedom of speech for Christians.

Christians remain persecuted throughout history as they condemn the sin of the particular time as did people in the bible who killed and stoned the prophets.

This video looks nothing less than the stories in the bible where prophets were opposed.

What are your thoughts?

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I think it’s sad when the devil and his people have more freedom than God and his people. Prayers going out to Pastor Lynch and God will make a way as he did for the apostles so many times in the past

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Amen, @Paul_Wilson. Yes it is true how devil cheats people making them think that their evil ways are real pushing people of God to death.

I believe Paul was “accused” and even “arrested” SEVERAL times for supposedly “disturbing the peace” or as the NIV calls it “causing a commotion”. Same reasons from the crowd too: they didn’t like hearing a thing about God or salvation or Christ.