Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I am in urgent need of prayers for my son who just got married

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I am in urgent need of prayers for my son who just got married. The girl was from a family into doing ministry and father is a pastor. The wedding was so joyful with so many pastors praying for the couple.
But even before one month of marriage, the girl ran away from home. She used to tell me before marriage that she fasts and prays and helps in the ministry but after marriage she hardly touched the Bible. I was so happy that my son is getting married to a prayerful woman and he will change his life and get saved.
We as a family are shocked to our core to see a totally different person after the marriage. My son loves her and wants her back, we as a family want her back but she is not willing to come back.
I need all of your prayers for this situation. We are all going through so much of pain and stress. We never imagined she would do this. I thought she would be a blessing to my family and to my son. I am broken hearted for my son and praying for deliverance.

Gloria Joseph

This is really a rough road and indeed going gets really tough. It’s something like walking in the valley of shadow of death. This is where you have to really trust God. God can even undo the past and lead you into His green pastures of comfort. I must say my heart really goes with you. I simply weep before the Lord seeing you having a hard time. Forget about the girl. Focus only on your son. His destiny is not destined by her depart. Trust God and God alone to heal you and your broken heart …

Regie Zechariah

Prayers Sent up! So so sorry for your son…May God Bless and comfort him.

Brenda Smith Jones

If he is not already saved, they are unequally yoked,she may be waiting for him to surrender to God for salvation, somewhere fasting and praying for him, which is how the Bible instruct, instead of going through all the turmoil, It’s no joke living with someone who do not have salvation! Think about it! The natural man cannot understand someone spiritual.Pray that God allow them to come back together in peace.

Joanne Brown