Did you meditate on Jesus' love today?

Did you meditate on Jesus’ love today?

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Yeah, just now. With Jesus’ love, I couldn’t live for one moment.:hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus:

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Yes, Jesus is with me.
I feel peace and rest.

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Yes. Listen sermon every day.

yes, sermon remind un to remember Jesus Christ.

Yes. Whenever I think of my Lord Jesus, my heart is filled with sweetness and joy.

Yes @Janet I Meditate on Jesus Love Today.
I feel the love of Jesus Everyday. He Helps me on my daily life.
Our Lord is so merciful even though we are sinners still he bless us everyday and give us many chances in life. Jesus Loves me even though i feel like im not worth it to be loved.

Yes! One realization or one thing I kept on mind today as I go on my daily rituals is that God’s love comes in millions of ways and we must share that to the people around us. God did not create just one human being. So we are to not live life by just ourselves but with others too and we must also share our love to them.