Do Children Become Angels After They Die?

Do Children Become Angels After They Die?

My nephew was only three months old when he died recently. Is he an angel now, like some people say? I hope so, because that would really comfort us. It’s been very hard.

Children are human being, angels are the spirits, they are totally different. I believe the children will live with God in the paradise.


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Just as what you say, I do not think so neither. However, if they go to heaven, they can be together with angels.

I do not know clearly, but i do not think so. Angle is angle, and mankind of mankind. God created them differently, and prepare differnt position for them.

We will live in the heaven as God’s people. God created us wonderfully as human beings with body and spirit. But angels don’t have body, they are spiritual.

I don’t think so. human being and angels are totally different thing.