Do not fear, for I am with you

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Do not fear, for I am with you


What a guarantee from God. It is like going to a fight and have your big brother behind you, you will feel invincible. The feeling that you can take on anything or anybody because your big brother is telling you that I’m here… don’t worry I will take over when you can’t. We Christian should claim this promise of God every time, when life knocks us down we should never fear. Our fear should only be to God, because on everything else we will be victorious because God say so.

Yes. Indeed as long as God is with us, he’ll keep us away from darkness. Trust God and believe him, believe on his protection and you will be blessed.

Fear is universal…All of us deal with things that scare us even if you are rich or poor, you are black or white…God is aware of our tendency to fear, and he truly cares about every fear we face… this bible verse gives us many reminders to fear not…it simply means, we have to trust God instead of believing our current situation is bigger than God is. He wanted us to trust him all the way and trust that he will be enough for us no matter what…

There will be many things in life that we wont have control over. They may cripple us, hurt or break us into pieces but they will also build our character. So when we encounter them, do not fear. Because those who truly believe in Him should not be afraid and discouraged, for God will always be with us wherever we go. He will not let our hearts be troubled, for he will give us peace. May we always trust in our Father and lean on His protection and love. He promises to never let us go to battle alone. Regardless of the terrible circumstances of this life, we will never be alone.

Yes its true. God wants us to trust Him and put all of our circumstances in His hands as we believe that He is working them out for good.

It is very helpful and healthy to keep this in mind at all times! Whenever we face multiple battles every day, God is with us. Whenever we achieve something, God rejoices with us. We are so thankful to have a loving God!