Do the infants that die go to heaven?

This is not really a do or die questions. But I was wondering if infants that die go to heaven? Any thoughts on this? Thank you

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I found a whole book about it by a man who preaches straight from the Bible.

Safe in the Arms of God by John MacArthur

I could use reading this book myself. When you get to the link, click on “LOOK INSIDE” so you can see the Chapters and see if it might answer this question for you.

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Thank you @Sunami_Carpenter. Will check this out

Great topic for our infants but some of us called them Angels.

to answer your topic or question base on my own experience or teaching that i’ve learned in life and community.
I thinks its a “Yes” Sometimes it is so sad that some parents ending up aborting their child or babies. Remember that Babies or Child is a blessing. And also know family planning for you not to end up in a abortion situation.
Thank God for showing your mercy for this kind of person. We know that this little angels is playing on your Garden now. Amen