Do we have to worship in the church?

Do we have to worship in the church?

We need the time to worship God alone, also we need to worship in the Church with other believers. it’s necessary, coz it will help us to be united in Jesus Christ.

I am just one who has believed in Jesus. But sometimes I see so many bad things in the church. So I listen to the sermons of pastors and sing hymns on YouTube alone. But my parents say that worship should be offered with the people in the church. Is it necessary to worship in church?

Amen. We are the members of the body of Jesus Christ, Christians are not self-governed.

We, Christians, are described in the Bible as not being merely isolated individuals, but a corporate body with many members, because we are all united to Jesus by faith. And it is because of this unity in Jesus, this corporate nature of Christianity, that the church exists. The church is not a building. It is not a structure of brick and mortar. The church is the assembly of Christians gathered to express that unity in Jesus and to worship Jesus. So the Bible says, “Now you” — Christians — “are the body of Christ and individually members of it” (1 Corinthians 12:27).

So coming together in various assemblies is essential to giving expression to the fact that Jesus died to create a united people, not just isolated Christian individuals. So we find in the Bible then descriptions of those first century Christians gathering regularly. This is what the question is about.

Yes, there is a need to go to church time. Christians need to do a good job of worship, such as the time of worship on Sunday.

Surely, we have to worship in the church.
We all sinners, so even though we become Christian,we still make mistakes or commit sins. But the more we seek God, the more we know His love and the more we will love Him, the less we will commit sin.
Church is separated place to worship God. In faith,we should learn separation.

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