Do we still have the early church?

Do we still have the early church???

Kaweesi Pius

Our service is at 11:30 which isn’t too early

James McNair Brown

Worship is a joke in most churches today.

Jason Huggins

We have the potential to manifest the Kingdom of Heaven just like the early church. But there are a lot of cracks in the foundation. Every untruth is a seed of darkness.

Tyrone Shepherd

Look for those that teach what was taught during those times . Those that taught what Jesus taught.

Patrick Strickler

My church is non denominational and preaches Heavenly Truths! We have repentance altar calls and baptism of the Holy Spirit impartation we have baptisms. Bible studies. Zero tolerance for gossip or distraction during worship or sermon. TestimonialsDiscipleship programWorship nightsRevivalNo false doctrine

Amanda Fiorini

Obviously it’s many centuries later but Christians should gather to WORSHIP.and worship.through the Holy Spirit, study the Bible and not be denomination but a Christian family church. Using the spiritual gifts.

Robert Tapley

One question for all church’s that say they follow the Bible. Do you go to church on Saturday in which the Bible tells us is the Sabbath. Or do you follow the harlot and go to church on Sunday? The harlot has many daughters, and they are everywhere in the good ole USA.

Patrick Strickler