Do we think pray for our family importantly?

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Do we think pray for our family importantly?

Sure, especially the husband and the father’s prayer is very important. For God set them as the head of the family, and he should lead the whole family to God. He should often repent and give thanks to God on behalf of all the family members.

We should pray for our family members who have not received Jesus Christ, for we received so much love from them, so we should become the channel where God can work to bless them. Also we should pray for our children, for they are our future, we should teach them well and have a good effect on them about the faith and God’s word. And all of these important can’t be done without the prayer.

Do we think pray for our family importantly?

Yes, it is really important. One day I argued with my husband. He said to me: you show temper so easily, but did you pray for me? I know I am bad, I also want to change, you just condemn me and complain. Please pray for me!

I repented in front of God. Since then, most times when we argue, when I felt have hatred toward my husband, I go to God and pray for him. And the anger inside of me really calm down and I could check myself.

Yes, I think it’s important.When I face my family members, many of my abilities and ideas will not work because I have a fixed image in their mind.But when I pray, things will change

Amen. Family is the root of the problems. Pray for family, may God raise next generation with faith.