Do Whatever: A Devotional

Do Whatever: A Devotional
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For without him, who can eat or find enjoyment?
Ecclesiastes 2:25

Today’s Scripture & Insight:
Ecclesiastes 2:17–25

In a recent film, a self-proclaimed “genius” rants to the camera about the world’s “horror, corruption, ignorance, and poverty,” declaring life to be godless and absurd. While such thinking isn’t unusual in many modern film scripts, what’s interesting is where it leads. In the end, the lead character turns to the audience and implores us to do whatever it takes to find a little happiness. For him, this includes leaving traditional morality behind.

But will “do whatever” work? Facing his own despair at life’s horrors, the Old Testament writer of Ecclesiastes gave it a try long ago, searching for happiness through pleasure (Ecclesiastes 2:1, 10), grand work projects (vv. 4–6), riches (vv. 7–9), and philosophical inquiry (vv. 12–16). And his assessment? “All of it is meaningless, a chasing after the wind” (v. 17). None of these things is immune to death, disaster, or injustice (5:13–17).

Only one thing brings the writer of Ecclesiastes back from despair. Despite life’s trials, we can find fulfillment when God is part of our living and working: “for without him, who can eat or find enjoyment?” (2:25). Life will at times feel meaningless, but “remember your Creator” (12:1). Don’t exhaust yourself trying to figure life out, but “fear God and keep his commandments” (v. 13).

Without God as our center, life’s pleasures and sorrows lead only to disillusionment.

By: Sheridan Voysey from ODB

Wherever we go, no matter how hard we try to find happiness in earthly things it still would not be enough. Yes, it will make us happy for some time but time will come that you’ll get over it and you’re back to nothing again. The happiness you find with the Lord God is unlike any other. It gets you going for your whole life.

Thank you for this reflection, @kianna! I agree, searching for happiness in worldly pleasures will not satisfy us. Our happiness will be temporary and it could lead to disaster. We will only achieve true happiness and fulfillment if we put God at the center of our lives. We will also find our purpose and direction in spite of the trials that we will be facing along the way.

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Indeed @kbadum! Worldly things will make us happy, yes but just temporarily. The never-ending happiness is found in the Lord God! :blush::sparkling_heart:

Thanks for posting this dear @kianna…True! True happiness can only be found in God, for only He can meet the deepest yearnings of our hearts. We aren’t on this earth by accident. God created us, and He put us here for a reason…He even created an empty place in our heart where he alone can fill… so no matter how wealthy we can be, if we do not have God in our hearts: all of those earthly things are useless…

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True @MakkaPakka! I have met a lot of wealthy people but are still sad because they have not made a strong connection with God yet. I have also met people that are not very wealthy but are very happy because they have made a strong bond with God!

Yes dear @kianna…I also observed that with my circle of friends…I have a gay friend that I consider wealthy, but lives an unhappy life…He can buy whatever he likes, he can go wherever he wants to go, and he can afford everything…but still he is unhappy…so I told him that he will strengthen his spiritual relationship with God…everytime he travels I told him to visit churches instead of scenic places first…so he did! I am glad that today, he finds joy in small things…

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Awe that’s amazing! We really have an empty place in our hearts that only God can fill! Amen! :blush: :yellow_heart: