Do y’all have books outside of the Bible that you give to your friends/students?

Do y’all have books outside of the Bible that you give to your friends/students? Many of my students ask what to read but when they open their Bible, but they get overwhelmed and struggle to read it.
I always recommend starting in the gospel of John but here recently I published a book that I intend to give them (in addition to recommending john) that explains the foundations of the faith through a compilation of stories. So I made it an easy, interesting read.
Topics include: evidence for Gods existence, why evil exists, who is God, Gods voice, is Jesus God, the trinity, faith and salvation(includes how to know if saved), a parabolic summarization of the Bible, and tons more but the goal was to cover what hebrews 5/6 depicts as spiritual milk that way the students have their foundation.
I’ve gotten great feedback on it but I’d love to have honest peer reviews from you all if you’re interested. I think it’s a great resource to give to students.
I’m not sure if admin will allow an Amazon link but if you’re interested, I can comment a link

Jared Smith

I would also make sure they are praying before opening their Bible. It’s really important to be led by The Holy Spirit, He leads us into all Truth.

Catriona Harbison

I’d HIGHLY recommend the Author Bob Sorge. The book The Power of the Blood was incredible! I’m now reading The Cross, and Delayed Answers, I’d highly recommend them as well. In my view, you need more than a booklet to talk about The Blood of Christ, as… See more

Dan Smith

I don’t have a particular list in mind: Whenever I read a book, I recommend to people that may be edified by it, and if someone needs help with a specific thing and the answer to their concern is in a certain book. And well, that doesn’t happen so freq… See more

Hans Keasey Miessan