Do you agree with the Pope Francis?

Do you agree with the Pope Francis?

Hello, dear friends,
Today I got to read this article: Pope Francis Says Pandemic Is ‘Nature’s Response’ to Climate Crisis
An interview with the Pope Francis, article courtesy of Williams, T. (2020) for, where the Pope says that the virus and his effects are sort of a response by the nature caused by the unstoppable progress and contamination that happens on the world.
In my own opinion, and with my background (I’m an environmental engineering), I believe that the nature would not produce a virus per se to punish us, but I do believe that the nature has been attacked and left unprotected long enough. If it wasn’t this then it would have been something else, the pollution that happens all the time is no good. And we could be doing a lot more, we could be doing sustained development, progress with the most possible respect and care for the environment. This gift that the Lord gave us as Home. Even with that, nature is uncontrollable and can respond in ways that we don’t understand, that’s why we have to care for it and try to not mess that much, the most common things to think are natural disasters, but for example there’s a fern called pteridium spp. That grows on fields that are commonly used for cows and farm animals for eating, well the thing is that this fern is poisonous, it can cause cancer on the cows and the milk that’s extracted from them will end up being bad for the people that drinks it.
This is an example, not for scaring you but to make you think just like how the Pope Francis told us, nature has their own way and all living things it deserves respect.
Sorry for the long post.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero