Do you believe in angels.?

Do you believe in angels.?

All my Facebook friends know my story but I haven’t told it on this page. I don’t share it with everyone but when I do it’s because I was led to. Do you believe in angels.??? I heard someone say God doesn’t talk to people like he use to. And People back then saw angels but we know longer do. But let me say that is NOT true. God never changes. He’s still the same. The things that happened then , like miracles and seeing angels still can happen. I’ve seen angels before several times but never had a witness untlll 6 years ago when my 3 and a half if year old granddaughter and I were driving down the street one day. It was a beautiful day but started to rain while I was visiting my cousin. So we hopped in the car and hurried home. Suddenly the rain came poring down and the wind started to blow harder . I heard a voice in my head that said Turn Around. But I couldn’t find a place but passed by one driveway and thought I’d better find another one to turn around. But then I thought ,Oh I’ll just try to get around this corner coming up. Suddenly a tree fell on us hitting me hard in the head and trapping me. My car came to a complete stop though my foot was still on the gas peddle. I couldn’t move, both legs and arms stuck under the steering wheel. I could barely turn my head to see Nova was ok because it had pushed me into a laying down position. Nova was afraid seeing my face so messed up and thought I’d turned into a monster. She was crying so hard but I couldn’t tell her it was going to be ok because I wasn’t sure it would be. I was in such excruciating pain I could barely keep my cool. I knew this was it ,They would never get that tree off me and I knew I was going to die that very day. I had funny thoughts as I layed there thinking how stupid it was that I was going to die from a tree falling on me of all things. Most people die from cancer, heart attacks and here I am going to die over a stupid tree. It took so long for someone to save us that i started to watch as my life passed before me like watching a movie. I started to except that this was it, I was going to die. But then that same voice that told me to turn around , I heard it again. It said If you stand before God and your asked What Have You Done For My Son Jesus Christ What Will You Say??? I couldn’t think of anything. I became afraid. I started to pray and beg God to let me live so I can answer that question. Suddenly I saw a light shine down on the car and three angels came down and went around my car three times. Nova stopped crying . They were perfect and more beautiful than anything I’d ever seen on earth. You could see through them and they went right through the tree then they went back up the same way they came down. The police broke the back window and pulled Nova out but it was harder getting me out and I was there over an hour. Finally when they got me out I was rushed to the Memphis Med. I had a broken nose, hand and after 5 surgeries trying to save my leg they had to amputate . A witness took pictures of the accident and gave them to me. Though I never spoke about what I saw, I did tell my friend I saw something but couldn’t talk about it yet. Finally when I went home my granddaughter saw the pictures laying on the coffee table and picked them up. I noticed she was looking through them too fast like she was looking for something then suddenly turned around and looked at me and said “ Where are those angels” I said What angels cause I didn’t know she saw them too. She said “You know the ones that went around and around our car. I was so shocked because I hadn’t told anyone yet and realised then that she saw them too. That’s probably why she stopped crying suddenly that day in the car. . I told her I saw angels too but they weren’t in our pictures. I showed her the picture of the metal angel still hanging on my rear view mirror that someone had given me long ago and it was still hanging in the picture. I told her no one else saw them but us and maybe God left this as a reminder of what we saw that day. I tried to make my story as short as possible though there is more to it. I still think about those angels today and Nova still talks about it. I still think about that question that was ask to me that day and I feel that’s why I’m alive today, to tell my story and to ask you also. If you stand before God and he asked you What Have You Done For My Son Jesus Christ…What will YOU say???


Yes, I do believe in Angels. I always pray to St Michael for guidance and protection. As it says in the article (, angels are ones that has been assigned to guard a particular person, especially with respect to helping that person avoid spiritual dangers and achieve salvation.
The angel helps the person avoid physical dangers, like what happened to you and your grandaughter.

Do you pray to a particular angel everyday?

No. I believe IN Jesus Christ, the Only Son of God.

Do I believe angels exist? Of course. But every one of them would tell you themselves you are to thank and worship GOD, not them. See Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation for examples (usually at the beginning) of men who have seen angels and fallen down to worship them. Angels are servants of the Lord. Thank God for your miracle, not angels.

Praying to angels or dead saints is ineffectual. We are to pray to GOD the Father or God the Son, namely, Jesus Christ.

Mary, the mother of Jesus during His earthly incarnation is not alive and died somewhere over 2,000 years ago. We are to give all worship, honor, glory and prayer to GOD.

See the 10 commandments in Deuteronomy 20, for details.

Despite centuries of theological speculation about angels — from their number to their duties to how many can dance on the head of a pin — no one knows if they exist outside of stories and legends. Many people believe they do.

Plato and Aristotle, for example, were convinced that they exist. In modern times, polls suggest that nearly 70 percent of Americans think angels are real. In their book “Paranormal America,” sociologists Christopher Bader, F. Carson Mencken and Joseph Baker note, “Angels pervade popular culture in books, television shows, and movies. … Believers exchange informal testimonials in newsletters and interpersonal conversations about the potential power of angels to influence the world, and more than half of Americans (53 percent) believe that they have personally been saved from harm by a guardian angel.”

There are different kinds of angels in this world, and I believe the Lord puts them in our lives when we need them most, at just the right time and at just the right place. It’s all more than I can understand, but I know it’s all real. And I do believe in angels. You just have to keep your eyes open. They’re out there and they’re with us. I know that for certain.

Hello, dear @Cristian_Topics
That was a touching story, I’m glad you’re alive and happy with Nova. I do believe in angels, but as others have said they are a servants of the Lord, they are there to do his biding and make his will.
The angels as a manifestation of God power, present in a lot of ways, they showed to give you strength and to give you the will of keep on living and do much more for Jesus Christ.
It’s a great reflection, what do we do for God’s son Jesus Christ? Maybe we do something, maybe we try to follow his teachings and steps, but we can do much much more. Thanks a lof for the reading.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero