Do you believe in eternity? What would it be like in your sight?

Do you believe in eternity? What would it be like in your sight?

Ecclesiastes 3:11
He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Eternity is Eternal today, no past, present,future…it is beyond time and no change all remains same, all are fresh and young forever…

“Eternity” is one of the most controversial words in the Bible. To many, it is thought to be the realm where time goes on and on, non-stop, ad infinitude, into which one enters after death. Based upon decisions affiliations, and actions made in this life on earth, it is supposed one irreversibly fixes his destiny for all eternity. The few who make heaven strum their harps and walk streets of gold with Jesus and all the happy saints. The vast multitudes who miss heaven, enter an eternal hell of burning torment and anguish. These notions which has shaped mans and the churches views of God, have motivated some to embrace religions answers whereas others turn to atheism. Still others are left neutralized and confused over whether God is a God of love, power, and mercy, or of hate, ineptitude, and vindictiveness.

Eternity. A timeless dimension, yet containing the outcome of all Time in all directions. Truth and Time. Science is falsifiable, which means to say that it cannot describe the Truth with any certainty until everything is complete. Truth can only be truly apprehended when All can be seen together… completed. From alpha to omega.

The (dimension of) Truth contains Everything, and therefore everything is True. Unless it is Untrue. “The Truth is out there” X-Files nonsense; as if you need to search and turn every stone until you find a tiny fragment of Truth. The Truth is Everything out there. In order to get a full view of The Truth, you would need to zoom out - or fly upon wings that travel at the speed of Light. Yet Science loves to tell us about ‘Truth’. They drill down to isolate a ‘Fact’ from as much as everything else as possible. In doing so they omit more Truth than the Proof contains. They observe something ‘True’ and hail it as ‘Knowledge’.

Actually, no. I do not “believe in” eternity. I believe IN God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Since I believe in the triune God who is found in the Bible and the Bible is completely sufficient to find what God has to say to us, and HE says HE is eternal, then I believe HIM.

I cannot comprehend eternity. Who can in this mortal life?

Eternal! What a sound does this word “eternal” make in my ears! what workings does it cause within my heart! what casting about of thoughts! What word is next to be added to it? Is it, “eternal world!” Where? for this is temporal. O! that eternal world is now by us unseen, and as to us is yet to come. But yet my trembling heart is still solicitous to what other word this word “eternal” might be prefixed as to myself, or those that hear me this day, when they and I, who, through the long-sufferance of God are yet in this present and temporal, shall be in that eternal world. Shall it be “eternal damnation” in that eternal world? What! after so many knockings of Christ, strivings of the Spirit, tenders of mercy, wooings of grace, calls of ministers, warnings of conscience, admonitions of men, waitings of patience—all which put us into a fair probability of escaping eternal damnation. O dreadful words! Can more terror be contained, can more misery be comprehended, in any two words, than in “eternal damnation?” But we in time are praying, hearing, repenting, believing, conflicting with devils, mortifying sin, weaning our hearts from this world—that, when we shall go out of time, we might find “life” or “salvation” added to “eternal.” Eternal salvation! these are words as comfortable as the other were terrible, as sweet as they were bitter.

Yes. It means that I can stay with God in love forever.