Do you believe in miracles?

Do you believe in miracles?

Do you believe in miracles?

Yes! I believe in miracles! For me, the fact that I fought my battles of anxiety and depression, I believe that was a miracle. That was God helping me and raising me from the darkness. I felt very hopeless and have been hurting myself. I thought that was my end. But with God’s help, I battled that chapter in my life. It made me wiser and appreciate more the things I have now.

Yes!! I believe in miracles, because I’m a miracle baby. When I was around 1 yr and half old a pan full of boiled oil fell on me. The oil spilled throughout my body, from head to toe. And my parents put toothpaste on me. Because they believe toothpaste will help to ease the pain. But we all know it didn’t help and sometimes it makes the burned worst. But thank God I didn’t have any scars, my skins are not melted due to boiled oil. And my mom always tells me that my life is not my own. Because God saved me from that accident.

And i remember June 20, 2015 around 4;45 Pm (Philippines time) I witness a miracle. During this time our Pastor’s family having a bonding they went to a swimming pool and since one of the our Pastor’s kid is my close friend and we also had an agreement that we will go somewhere else after their family bonding, thats why I witness a God;s miracle.

While everyone is having fun and i was sitting beside the pool because im baby sitting one of the kid who is slept during that time, one of the Sunday School kid was invited to join so the grand daughter of our pastor will have a playmate. This kid happened to jump in a wrong pool(4ft pool), thank God my friend able to catch her and the kid was looking for the Pastor’s grand daughter. And because of that we are all alarmed where is the kid. and we find her drown in the pool. She wear her life vest in wrong way. she put the vest into her legs that’s cause her head be put under the water. when we removed her from pool the kid was color violet and not responding. And one of our Pastor daughter is a nurse, she CPR her niece and everyone was gather around and praying because the kid was not responding and on the 5th minute the kid slowly opened her eyes and able to breath again. Immediately she was rush to the hospital. When we ask the kid after the incident she only remember that she only slept and when she wake up her tita was caring her and rush to the hospital.

This event was always remembered in our church. And the kid was now active in Sunday School activities and even participating in some Church Performance.

the God that do miracles 2000 years ago are still doing miracles up to this day. God is truly alive

Yes, Miracles do happen & they do exist. Sometimes, all you need is a little patience, time, courage, hard work & perseverance !There is a saying “Fortune favors the brave” !
Yeah. Life is tough. It’s not easy for anyone.All it matters is, how we react to the situations that makes us stand where we are and where we want to be ! Instead of praying for an easy life, pray for the strength to fight a tougher​ one !

It depends on how would you define miracles. Life in and of itself is a miracle. Life on Earth is so improbable that even Dawkins a militant atheist, considers that it is possible that life might have been seeded by aliens from outer space(please check his interview on the movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” I also believe in Biblical miracles, such as the creation of the universe, Noahic flood, ten plagues, crossing of the Red Sea, etc. However, when it comes to the “miracles” claimed by some religious groups, I don’t think they have a biblical basis. Although, God no longer works in supernatural means nowadays,

I Corinthians 13:8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

He still works miracles within His servants who believe and obey Him. He works using the Bible, which is existence is no less than a miracle.