Do you believe in the saying love is blind?

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Do you believe in the saying love is blind?

I’ve been there before. I was blind. I didn’t see I was only the one creating efforts for our relationship to be worked out. But in the end he dumped me and now I saw him very inlove with his new girlfriend. He even shared on social media how he really loves that girl. It hurts me since we were together even once he didn’t say anything about me in public. We broke up because of third party. We were together for 3yrs and he betrayed me for a year of that 3years I didn’t know he courted the girl, I was blind throughout the year. It’s been two years since we broke up but the pain still here. I gave him all he want, materials things, my body and soul. He left me nothing.He left me without saying anything. I think maybe that’s the reason why I’m still in pain.

Hello, dear @zayn22
When we are in love, we see those things, it’s just that our hearts blind us or don’t give enough attention to those red flags. Even with that…
That person did not value you, even if it sounds bad or difficult, you have to let it go. Don’t see his social media, erase that contact of your mind if it still hurts you and think about you, think how beautiful you are and how you have to love you first before anyone else (with the exception of the Lord of course).
You’ll find love again, and it will be 1000% better than anything you felt before, do not worry, just trust the Lord, talk to him and he’ll guide you through the way.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero


Hi @zayn22! We all get blinded whenever we are inlove. We always expect someone to love us in return too. But the most painful thing was the love we give is never reciprocated, in fact ended up with one person falling out of love. What should you do?

If the relationship didn’t work out the way you expect it to be, then let it go. Do not prolong your agony. You might say, “it’s too easy to tell that because you are not in my shoe”. Well, I actually experienced it before and took me plenty of months to recover. Just take one step at a time. Pamper yourself, do the things you aren’t able to do because your are stuck with the relationship, have some “ME time”.

Just remember that: if you can love the wrong person that much, just imagine how much you can love the right one when it comes. So cheer up amd stay blessed! :wink:


For me, love is not blind. It sees what other people cannot. You see the good despite all of the bad things they have done. @zayn22 You love him, yes. But, you, hurting does not mean love is blind. If he betrayed you, it’s not called love. All of us deserve a person that will love us with all of their heart.


My take, “Love is blind” is a beautiful quote. This means that when you are in love, you’re willing to do anything for your lover. Love, as well as music, is the language of soul. When your soul wants to speak then it uses these two languages (mostly). So it’s not a matter of falling for it. It’s something that is innate and no matter how many times you try to cover it or reject it as long as your soul wants to talk it will.

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