Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

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Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? You can state any experiences you have.

Hello, dear @MakkaPakka,
In my opinion, in a way yes, but I see it more as a lesson. Everything happens so you can learn something, now if you consider it that a reason then so be it.
Life is that, giving that we have the gift of knowledge, self awareness and free will, we constantly take choices and with it it comes consecuences, this will give us a lesson at the end of it, the interesting part is that this happens always all the time.
For example, I learned that I had to trust and care more for my brother after rejecting having a real relationship with him, I choose to feel loneliness instead of sharing with my own brother, and with that I learn to love more my brother and my family.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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I can’t say I fully believe that everything happens for a reason, but I know for sure that a certain result always has a cause behind it. Although I pray to God, it’s hard for me to think that the suffering, the negativities, and such, are “God’s will.” I turn to Him to grant me strength to face each day. After all, He has given me intelligence and will, there should be something I can do to navigate my own fate.

True sir @Luis_Ruiz! We might not understand why it is happening, but truly indeed it will leave a lesson for us to learn as always.

Actually there are a lot of examples like: breaking up with someone. You may wonder why the relationship didn’t last, but it will left you a lesson that no matter how you push yourself; if you are not meant to be, you’ll really end up ending the relationship.

Another is work related example. You are aiming for a certain position but you didn’t pass the qualification, you end up wondering why, it is because there might be something much better position awaiting for you.

Therefore, just have patience and ask God to guide you along the way.:wink:

Every individual person is responsible for its own fate because you are the one making your own future. Just never stop ceasing the Lord @Apr. One might not understand why things happen the way we expect it, but in the end something fruitful will gonna happen.

Everything happens for a reason. If you fail once there’s another chance. We may live only once but there are alot of chances to take on. Take that chances and discover what is really the reason of your failure. In the end you’ll see the result that you’re growing and maybe later or sooner not knowing you’d already reach your destination.

High five @zayn22! So we have to live our life to the fullest. If we fail, we just stand up and go back in track again. :wink: