Do you believe the power of pray?

Do you believe the power of pray?

We all know that pray is very important for Christian, but then do you really believe the power of prayer? and how pray changes your life?

Yes, praying is the communication between God and me. Through Prayer, i could know God’s will and get strength, hope, faith, joy, peace, satisfaction form God.

Yes, I believe.

Sure. Absolutely. As the bible says, the prayer of a righteous man is powerful an effective. So we should pray all the time.

Absolutely, God is always with us and almighty, he joys to give good things to his sons.

Of course, God works through our prayers even though he is almighty.

Surely I believe that.
We believe that every word in the Bible is true and prayer is the way we communicate with God. Sometimes you can’t get answer from Him, but the more you seek Him and the more you will get Him.
Bless you
Just believe His promise.

Prayer is the key We must pray in order for Jesus to hear us let us not come with untrue heart and a doubtful mind but to come with a made up mind willing to pray and to ask for forgiveness and repents of our sins. You may have heard that saying that God hates the sinners that’s not true he only hates the SINS, not the sinner. So we must believe that God will do what he said that he will do And to keep on your knees and keep on believing that those who pray that your time will come when Jesus will answer your prayers even in the worst storms that have hit Florida but we still have a God that loves us so much that he kept us safe through this Amen. So wherever you are don’t stop praying Just remember God is a true man that he cannot lie he hears you everytime you pray.

yes, i believe that. but i have a problem which cause me not to pray. i always think that God knows, and God will change. i will not pray. This is bad habit, and i need change.

I wasn’t sure at first, but as the experience grew, I learned God’s faithfulness gradually. Anyway, it’s important to try to pray first, because it’s the experience that makes our faith grow faster. I believe in God while experiencing him.

Yes, I believe. Pray is very important, it is like breathing. It is very important for our spirit growth.

For example, there was a period I didn’t know why I am a sinner, I have been going to church daily, have prayed everyday more than 30 mins, read bible everyday. I spent time to evangelize. I felt I am living a holy life. When I come to God to pray, I don’t know what to repent and can not see my sins. I knew there was something wrong, So I start to pray for knowing my sin, what is sin, I prayed constantly around 2 or 3 month. One day I got up but still close my eye and lay on my bed, I had many thoughts: that person is so bad, I don’t like his characteristics, his speaking is just like a fighting dog. My landlord is such a unkind person… Today I am going to do like this, then others must be amazed by what I have done…

But suddenly feels like someone say to me, what are you thinking right now? I realized that what I have thought ? Even I didn’t open my eye, once I woke up, I start to think those are so evil, full of hatred and arrogance. I started to bow down and pray to God to repent.

In bible Jesus said:“ Nothing outside a person can defile them by going into them. Rather, it is what comes out of a person that defiles them.”

That is one of my experience the power of prayer.