Do you believe you can be friends with someone you loved in the past?

Well for me, Yes! Making friends with someone you loved in the past is okay, as long as no strings attached.

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I agree with @MakkaPakka!

I believe you can be friends.
Because I am friends with my past boyfriends.
No string attached and just view them as my brother in Christ or seeing them as Jesus also loves them and died for them.

We’re good friends.

Not for me if there is ANY attraction at all left. For me or for them.
I’ve had several ex’s who became good friends after, and several others who could not be. Just my experience.

Hi there @theenaocay! That’s really how I feel. Maybe for others it is awkward, but it is a sign of maturity I guess.

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It might be applicable or not applicable to someone @Sunami_Carpenter. :blush:

Hello, dear @MakkaPakka
Of course it’s possible, but it depends on each person and the nature of the relationship. It the relationship was to intense, ended badly or one of both still feels love it’s best to evade the real friendship part (not that they evade the other people).
But if both have moved on with their lifes of course they can be, even they could have a stronger friendship than with other people because they knew each other and shared a lot more, always with the maturity to handle the situation.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

True sir @Luis_Ruiz! I always wanted to be friends with my past even if we ended badly. But I do have an ex-bf that doesn’t want to be friends with me. I don’t know why, but I do respect him.

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What is it in what I wrote that you do not understand about “Not for me if there is ANY attraction at all left. For me or for them.
I’ve had several ex’s who became good friends after, and several others who could not be. Just my experience.”
The whole thing is “for me” and “my experience”.

What are you thinking you’re adding? I didn’t say this was applicable to anyone!

If you want to know TRUTH from God, well then this whole discussion is off. In the Bible we are to marry and stay married and faithful to one person until death. After one person dies, THEN we are free to re-marry. In that scenario, there is no “ex” to be “friends with”. Better? If you believe in Christ and the God of Christianity, then you must believe what God says. And what God says is in the Bible. I was giving a worldly answer, since this is a worldly topic, not a Christian one.

I mean it might be applicable to anyone that they will remain friends or might not applicable to others to become friends after the breakup. In my topic, what I really meant for that is an ex-bf/gf scenario or someone who is not married like live-in partners. But thank you for your reply regarding my topic about life and relationship. :blush:

Hello, dear @Sunami_Carpenter
Calm down, it was just a misunderstanding.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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I believe they can be. If they fully resolved the issue they had in the past and everything is clear between the two of them. And most especially, if both parties know that what they have now is just friendship, and nothing more. Because sometimes it is not clear for the other party what is going on, which can lead to complications.

@kianna: there are actually instances that either the boy or girl doesn’t want to be friends after the breakup. It really depends on how they heal after the pain. In my part, I always wanted to became friends with my past. Why? I heal faster from the pain. Sounds weird, but that is how I overcome breakup!:grin:

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Yeah, I respect that too. Wow, that’s wonderful to hear @MakkaPakka.

The above I will not “calm down about”. However, my upset over what appeared to me of you saying I somehow had made my own personal statements only applicable to me I’m happy to apologize for. Who cares what my worldly and unsaved life was like? Truly. What is important, is what God says, not what humans say.

Do you agree, or disagree?

I remember my past on this topic.

Its a Yes for me but not all you loved from the past will be your friend.
Sometimes its so hard to forgive someone specially when you have a hard times together before you let go of each other. You need to heal your heart first before you can move forward to another chapter of your life.

I also believe that you can be friends with someone you loved in the past. Although, it is still your choice if you want to be friends with them or not. It really depends on both parties and on what happened with their relationship. If they ended on good terms, friendship may follow.

Hello there @arrol…yes true that not all can be your friends, because sometimes bitterness prevails… Most especially if you end up in a wrong way, but fortunately in the long run you’ll forget the hurt feelings and became friends…as they say “time will heal”…let the healing comes first,and friendship will follow…

It depends. There are people who you loved in the past that you may be friends with but there are some who you just cant anymore especially when that someone had a huge impact in your life which brings back all the memories you’ve been through when the time comes that you try and be friends.