Do you consider the USA to be a Christian nation?

Do you consider the USA
to be a Christian nation?

Corey Wratchford
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Yes Europeans kick out thoes cults with weird beliefs that couldn’t get along with others. Read pilgrim history. When they got here they fought with each other and had various fights etc all because they were proud weirdos who couldn’t get along well with others

Mark Buchanan

I know when the US fall out of Christian faith

Stewart Chew

Well the so called founders who sailed from Europe to escape persecution called themselves Pilgrims so I guess… They were Christians an settle there

Troy Mitchell

Isreal was ment to bless all nations and we are the true isreal. We weren’t ment to control the nations.

Christian Glen Medley

It’s time for Christian’s to expose Satans plan and wake up to what is happening around us! the world is trying to take away our freedoms and rights to worship. Many churches were shut down by the government and many preachers went to jail defending th… See more

Zach Blair

I take objection to the idea of a Christian country whilst Christ tarries.There may be a country that has much of its laws and culture based in biblical principle, many of its leaders may be Christian. There may even be a strong majority of Christian… See more

Paul Henderson

I do not consider this nation to be a Christian nation. As it thrives on lies and manipulation. Covers those opposite of what scripture stands for. Even most Christians are not willing to stand against wrong if it is believed that they were going to suffer. As a nation we promote the easy life and say anyone who struggles is not of God.

Just so many things wrong along with demonizing people who speak truth.

Now is it the worst nation ever… not sure as i have only lived here and truth is i hear the same message from those else where…

Answer: if those who are called by my name 1. Would humble themselves 2. And pray 3. Seek my face, and 4Turn from their wicked ways . . . 2 chronicles 2:14

No matter the issue He is wants the sinner saved, delivered and everyone going to heaven we have to accept that how we represent or MISrepresent God has a lot to do with others are being delivered.
We must humble ourselves and stop hiding sin accordingly to our own comfort and allow Gods word to be our will and guide and do not waver. When we do we must repent and turn away from this issue.

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