Do you families also believe God?

Do you families also believe God?

My families don’t believe God, I have preached to them, but they didn’t receive it. Now I am praying for them, maybe God will open another way.

If you families do not have faith now, how will you do to preach them asap?

1, Pray hard and continuously for their conversion. Jorge Muller set a good example for us. He prayed for all his friends and all of them became Christian.

2, Love them, serve them like Jesus did for you. People need love and understanding. If you have the ability of true love, they will be attracted and touched by you. You will have a good and deep relationship with them. This is the foundation of more.

3, Be mature and have good testimony in daily life. You can give them hope and safety. They will think more what you say and what you chose.

4, Share the words and love of God to them in their needing situation. God will speak to his people. 【Psalm119:130】
The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.

In fact, it is God’s work and what we can do is really limited.
I think the most important thing is our prayer.

Thankfully, yes. God has blessed us a lot, so we don’t have religious conflicts.

Everyone in my family believes in God. But from the beginning, not all of the family believed in God. If you want your family to believe in God, pray to God. God will lead your family into a wonderful history. I always prayed for our family. I prayed that they would believe in God. Although it may take a long time. But do not give up and keep praying. When I prayed that, all my family eventually came to believe in God. The amazing work of God begins with a heartfelt desire from your prayers. I will pray together. Amen

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Not yet, but I pray everyday and hope they can know God asap.

I am the first Christian in my family. Thanks to God for saving me.
On the one hand, I will share the gospel with my family members, and serve them with the love of Jesus. On the other hand, I will pursue Lord more earnestly to change my life, so that my life could be a living testimony for my families.

Yes, in my family my mother is a Christian,she believe God. But my father still need to pray for him that he can believe Jesus.
My grandmother is the first to believe in my family. Hope others can believe God.My whole family can serve God.

First pray for them
set an example for them, make a living testimony by your life.
tell them the word of God.
and I think we can teach them how to pray. let them talk with God.
Everyone has his desires and weakness.

Pray for them and share the gospel with them in the right time. I think it’s about love and faith in our heart.

It’s really challenging. Most of my families are not Christians yet, I keep praying for them and seek chances to share gospel with them.

Yes. Thankfully, families believe in God.