Do you guys have any idea for a boy baby name in Christian? Thanks a bunch

Do you guys have any idea for a boy baby name in Christian? Thanks a bunch
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Any meaningful name is acceptable for me .I will choose one from replies . Thanks in Jesus Christ. God blessing everyone .

Jimmy … Is good name^&^
Congratulations. Seems you may be a father soon.

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Peter is a good choice for many languages. Maybe you son will travel a lot in the future … :pray: for you!

How about Moses

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Joseph, the figure I like the most in Bible. Hope this boy can walk with God in all his life like Joseph.

I recommend the name Paul. His life was always full of conviction toward God, and more passionate than anyone. Many people will come to God through your child, as many people know God through Paul’s life.

How about John? I think John is a good name. John can deeply know the love of God.

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I recommend the name Paul. He is so passionate.
He was out of mind for the sake of God, but keep in his right mind for people.

My recommendation is any Hebrew name for a boy would serve, though I would skip Cain, Esau, Saul (thinking of King Saul who repeatedly tried to murder David in the Bible and whom God turned away from and also sent evil spirits that tormented him!). There are other “bad guys” you might not want to name your boy.

Here’s how I recently helped a friend (who ended up naming her boy Eli!): 1) Search “Baby Names” to get general sites then narrow your search to either Biblical Baby Names or Hebrew Baby Names. These are interchangeable because the vast majority of writers, well all, of the Bible are Jews.

Good luck with your name choosing and may God bless the bundle of joy coming someone’s way!