Do you have a habit to share gospel with others every day?

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Do you have a habit to share gospel with others every day?

i do not have this habit. Sometimes, when i see somebody have serious sickness,i cannot help sharing gospel to them.

Maybe you can share the most unforgettable experience of sharing gospel with others in your life.

Thanks for the question and reminding, I think it is a really good habit. No matter what kind of things I am doing, I am a Christian. I am the one who got salvation from Jesus Christ. I should share to others.

Amen, Sure i can’t keep quiet as i have the fellowship with the Lord, The Lord is so real…

I don’t preach the Gospel every day.One of my most memorable evangelical experiences occurred in college .One day, on my way to the classroom, I found a girl sitting on the steps, crying bitterly .I went to comfort her and asked her if she needed help.She said she was laughed at for being fat, and that she lived in such ridicule every day.I hugged her and comforted her.She was very surprised that a stranger could care so much about her, so she was very moved and thanked me for my concern.Later, I preached the Gospel to her and told her the biblical story and the love of God , she accepted what I told and thanked me for passing on the truth to her.