Do you have any experience about cold war with others? How did it end?

Before I became Christians, I have some times of cold war with others. I remember one time the cold war with my deskmate lasted for one month. And at one night, I prayed to the unknown God to give me courage to break the situation, because I couldn’t bear it any more. Finally, we talked. How about yours?

3 days without a word with two friends. Sometimes, suddenly I dislike those I love very much. I think at that time we need to learn to control our wrong thoughts and wrong emotion through God’s word, otherwise our behavior will hurt those who love us.

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Yes, I have. Pray and conversations with the leaders.

Yes, I often have cold war with one of my best friends. Usually, when one of us humble ourselves and come to the other to explain, the cold war will end.
Usually, the reason is unbelieving and misunderstand. Faith and communication are important in relationship.

Cold war is really harmful for ourselves and our relationship.
For me I would try to talk with the other side and the other side doesn’t want to talk with me, I will wait and pray for our relationship.