Do you have any plan for reading Bible?

Do you have any plan for reading Bible?

Yes, I have a plan to read Bible 5 times. Everyday I read at least 20 chapters. If time permits, once I can finish 40 chapters or more. I think the first time to finish reading the whole Bible is very important. Then you will feel easy to read more.

Do you have any plan for reading Bible in the new year? some people choose 90 day for read Bible, are you shock?

Woo, Amazing.

I’m not in shock. Personally, I read the Bible as many hours as I can in a day. I am actually disappointed when I only have time to read a book in it’s entirety. There is no “set” schedule I use except that as soon as I can think at all in the morning, I start reading.

For example: one day I got to read from Daniel 1 through Zechariah 8! What a blessed day that was! But for the next 8 days I only got about one book read.
Day 2 Zechariah 9 through Matthew 15
Day 3 Matthew 15 through Mark 1
Day 4 Mark 1-Luke 1
I read a lot because I thirst for the Word of God. I also read a lot because I love to read. This may have a difference for different people. Ten years ago I read nothing, not even fiction. Then I got in the habit of gobbling up fiction books. So I was in the habit of reading. When I turned to the Bible I saw no reason to read it less than fiction! In fact, if anything, it was far more important I read the Bible at least as much as I read fiction, if not more.
So, to each his own. Some folks find the layout of the Bible in a Year helpful. Other people just read 2 chapters in the Old Testament and one chapter in the New Testament each day.

What I would highly recommend and stress is that reading verses only is NOT a good way to understand the Bible. So however you are led by the Holy Spirit and your time constraints to read, you should do so, as long as you are reading it straight through a section, as in a chapter, so you have context. Without context, one can become very confused about the message.

Amazing. I am have a plan but it is hard to continue. Please pray for me.

I have a rough plan for reading Bible. I don’t have a clear plan for reading Bible. I usually read Bible randomly. I will have a plan to read Bible in the new year. May Holy Spirit help me set up my reading plan of Bible and then I can be lightened by his word.

I hope i can read Bible every day. This is a good method that we can knowing God clearly.

Update: I managed to read the full Bible in 23 days. That’s spending 3 and a half hours reading it a day. Considering that still gives me 20 1/2 hours a day to do whatever I wish, it was not difficult. It’s really a pretty fascinating story. I highly recommend you try reading it cover to cover over a period of time that works for your schedule and your reading abilities.

Yes, I have a plan to read the Bible. I think we are busy so it is better for us to have a plan to read the Bible at a certain time.
For me I will read the Bible in the early morning and 20 chapter every single day.

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Yes, we should always read the Bible, read through it, read it, read it carefully, and do a good deed so that the word of God becomes the food of life. It is best to recite three verses every day.